I Have No Game, and I Must Blog


S. Ben Melhuish • Friday, April 13, 2012 • filed under brief

I’m not sure why this Ogre Kickstarter project fascinates me so much. As with anybody who gamed in the early ’80s, I knew someone who owned the little pocket-sized edition, and of course we played it a bit. I never really got into it: I’ve never been particularly good at any hex-based wargame, though I’ve always felt like I should, or at least should like them more than I do.

So I never owned a copy of Ogre, nor have I ever had any interest in doing so. And I don’t really want a copy of the “Designer’s Edition”. And yet. There’s something fascinating about a game this beautifully-produced, this elaborate, this heavy (14 pounds, probably a little more once the project’s bonus goals are duly passed). One-and-a-half inch hexes, thick cardstock counters, 3D Ogres….

No, I haven’t bought a copy in over 30 years of gaming, don’t care to spend $100 on a copy, and don’t really have room in the house for this edition.

But still, it’s fascinating. Congratulations and best wishes to Steve Jackson, one of the elder statesmen of the hobby/industry, on the success of this project.