I Have No Game, and I Must Blog

Statement of purpose

S. Ben Melhuish • Friday, November 6, 2009 • filed under meta

I’ve been thinking about RPGs again lately.

My most recent game ended at the end of 2008, a few months before Eliza was born. We played D&D 3.5e, with nothing other than the three core books, going through the Savage Tide campaign published in Dungeon magazine. It was fun, but I think I’m done with D&D for a while now.

I’m nowhere near ready to get involved in another game. It was hard enough finding the time to play with one kid, and now that we have another, it’s not going to happen, at least not like we did it before (though perhaps that’s another post or two).

This doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about them. But the thoughts have just been rattling around in my head, without anywhere for them to go. So: why not here?

Consider these food for thought for your own games, or perhaps seeds for when we get a group together.

(And if you have your own thoughts you’d like to write about here, let me know, and I can set you up as a co-author.)

Future posts may cover Tékumel, Unknown Armies, ideas about gaming online, collaborative setting creation, and Lexicon (perhaps as it relates to setting creation).