Animals Nathan has invented

In no particular order:

This is usually a fish-eating dinosaur (cf. Baryonyx). When pretending to be a Fryasaura, one’s forefinger and middle finger must be crossed, which has something to do with the dinosaur’s claws. Recently, Fryasaura has also been a marine reptile.
down-mouth gulper fish
An abyssal fish similar to the black swallower, except that its mouth generally points down.
black chameleon
A large chameleon that can live in Seattle and be kept as a pet. It eats bugs and birds that try to eat fruit and flowers that Nathan plans to grow in his back yard when he is a fisherman. (This is one of a whole series of black animals, such as the black tuna.)
precious teeth clam
Here he goes paving Google again. This is “the most biggest clam in the whole world”, and is apparently a carnivore. Why it is precious has not yet been explained to my satisfaction.
an eagle named Gastornis
This eagle splits its time between the Galapagos Islands and a small wooded park just north of our house. Gastornis, of course, is one of those prehistoric flightless birds that could have totally messed you up. Why the eagle is named after the flightless bird has not yet been explained to my satisfaction.