Don’t Call It a Weblog, I Been Here for Years

So, I’m relaunching pile.org, and may even update it every now and then. I’ve written a few posts over the past few months, which you can browse through (see the links over in the sidebar).

Please bear with me while I shake out the bugs — there may be a broken link or three. Also, if you’re using IE5 or 6, headlines will have a weird grey background. This is because they’re broken. Use Firefox or Opera, or upgrade to IE7 when it comes out. [Edit: Okay, fine, I fixed IE5 and 6 (and IE4). They’re still broken, and you should still use a different browser.]

Thanks to Jon for his usability and background image link styling advice, and to Meghan for usability and navigability advice.

And: I’m a horrible correspondent, as you may know. Sorry for not writing. In brief: Nathan is a wonderful three and a half months old. This is pretty much all that matters.

And: You’ll never know whether I relaunched the site just so that I could use this title for a post.