Fool Me Twice? Great!

Back in college, when I had my old computer, one of my favorite games was The Fool’s Errand. You played the role of the Fool, making his way through the tarot deck. Each card had a puzzle of some kind — usually a logic or problem-solving puzzle, usually with word games of some kind, but occasionally requiring some hand/eye coordination as well.

The game was highly addictive — the first puzzles were straightforward, but later you’d run into similar but more difficult versions. The puzzles were also nested — for example, each one you solved would give you a piece of a map, which was itself a puzzle (you had to unscramble it to get towards the end of the game). Finally, you generally had several puzzles to work on at any time, so if you were stuck on one, you could always work on others until you got a brainstorm.

The game’s author has it available for download, if you don’t mind jumping through a few hoops (i.e. install an emulator for Windows, or play in Classic on OS X) — honestly, if you dig puzzle games, it’s probably worth it.

Anyway, this trip down nostalgia lane is all by way of saying that there’s a sequel, coming later this year. I’ll be pre-ordering.