Our long national nightmare of choice and democracy is finally over

What was the deal with all the Obama supporters acting like Clinton had an obligation to drop out of the race months ago? Jesus, people.

This long primary has been good for Obama. Those “attacks” that Clinton and her supporters slung at him? Those were nothing. If he couldn’t have handled them, he would have had no business running in the general election against the Republican Party in the 21st century. But he could, and he did. They made him tighten his game, and he’s a better candidate for it.

And the issues raised (should there be “scare quotes” around that?) have been effectively defused for the general election. If they’re brought up again, they’ll be old news, and it’ll be a simple matter to dismiss them with a “we talked about that months ago”. The media’s gnat-like attention span won’t be able to focus on repeat attacks.

So, Obama supporters? Clinton is not the Devil. She won’t “do anything to win”. And she’s going to fight like hell to help Obama win the general election — partly because, if she doesn’t, she’ll be less popular than Joe Lieberman at Democratic Party functions, and partly because she’ll want him to win. She’s not going to try to throw the election so she can run in 2012, or to spite Obama, or any of that bullshit. She knows what’s on the line, what four more years of Republican Party policy will do to the country.

Oh, I just said “four more years”. So, Clinton supporters? You’re not going to vote for McCain, so stop saying it; it’s just making you sound stupid. Take a month to cool down if you need to; we have plenty of time. The McCain who’s running in 2008 is nothing like the McCain who ran in 2000. I don’t know which one is the Real McCain, so to speak, but that’s kind of an academic question; this one is the one who’s going to be on the ballot in November. He may differ from Bush’s policies in a few cosmetic ways, but he is a dangerous, dangerous man, and not in the “I’m glad he’s on our side” kind of way.

We have five months to pull together and win this race. We’ll do it if we stay cool. Stay cool, people. This is too important.