I mentioned that I didn’t need any help. That’s not quite true, though.

If you could pledge a little bit of money to a good charity for each mile of the trail I walk, it would be a huge motivator.

The trail is about 2000 miles long, so if you pledge 5¢/mile, that would end up being about $100 (assuming I finish). Knowing that each step I take earns money for a good cause would help me get out of the tent each morning.

I’m not going to set up any kind of system to track pledges (nor any mileage tracking more rigorous than my phone’s pedometer); this would be kind of a freeform honor system thing. If you want to do this, just let me know via email or (before I leave) Twitter. (And let me know if your employer will match!)

To very slightly sweeten the deal, if you do pledge 5¢ (or more) per mile, I’ll send you a postcard every month.

I’m sure you have a favored charity, but on the off-chance you don’t, consider one of the following.