My 2021 reading list

I read 54 books this year! That’s more than any year since probably high school, if not earlier. I log each book to Blurt as I finish it; this is a recap of the year, grouping books into categories:1

All books are novels that I read for the first time, unless otherwise noted. Within each category, they’re listed in the order I read them. I liked far more of the books than I was neutral towards, and I actively disliked very few: I either choose books well, or have very low standards.

The pinnacle



  1. This is shamelessly stolen from Ken and Robin Consume Media, which applies these categories to movies and TV shows in addition to books. ↩︎

  2. This, then, made me realize that some of the plot (including some characters’ actions), especially at the start of the book, felt like RPG sessions. The characters themselves are well-conceived and -drawn, but most of them seemed pretty blasé about the supernatural. ↩︎