Relationships between baristas and customers, part 2

I’ve been cheating.

For the last … oh, eight months or so, I’ve been getting espresso every day from the nice ladies and gentlemen at Diva. They’ve gotten to know me; I’ve gotten to know them; I’ve seen baristas come and go. It’s been comfortable.

But since I wrote about Hines and Bronwen, I’ve been getting my daily espresso from Bronwen most days that she pulls at Sitka & Spruce.

Bronwen knows I get my espresso elsewhere on the days she’s not pulling. I’ve told her; she doesn’t mind.

But the folks at Diva? I haven’t come out and told them yet.

I’m sure they know. I’m not there every day like I used to be; I’m not as devoted as I was. Baristas can tell.

I’ve been cheating, and I feel a little bit guilty.

But not so guilty as to stop going to Sitka & Spruce.