Service notes

If you follow pile.org on the RSS (actually Atom) feed, you may wish to replace the current feed, or edit it to read, http://pile.org/atom/?section=articles. I’ve adjusted a few things behind the scenes, and will be writing a few articles about games which you may not be interested in.

(The geeky, or terminally curious, may find those ramblings elsewhere on the site.)

A note on process: This site is driven by the Textpattern content management system. Its administrative side uses a series of web forms for editing articles, controlling their appearance on the site, etc. This is fine on a traditional computer, but an iPad (which I use for most of my home computing these days) is prone to reloading pages, discarding all my lovingly-crafted text.

My previous solution to the problem was just to not write on the site.

My new solution is to use TextileNote, an iPad app, to do all the writing and markup, and then to copy and paste it into Textpattern’s interface when it’s done. This is what I’m doing for this article, and it’s worked for two others in the past 24 hours (as I write this), so we’ll call this experiment a success so far.