pile.org has moved hosts

Update: Saturday, March 15, 2014

pile.org moved to a new host last week — the web site switched over on Monday, and email switched over Thursday night.

Today, I was provided with some of the data from the old host, including the complete set of email aliases. The new host is now set up with them, and aside from the timing, the whole “I need your email address now” rigamarole turns out not to have been necessary. But it was very nice to hear from those people who got in touch.

If I didn’t hear from you: There was a hiccup from Friday, March 14 at midnight through Saturday, March 15 around 10pm (Pacific time), when your pile.org email alias wasn’t working. Sorry about that. It should be working now. Let me know if there are still problems.

For posterity, the original post follows.

Original post

This is a huge pain in the ass, but here goes.

If you have a pile.org email address and don’t read and reply to this post, the email address will stop working by the end of the week EDIT: Friday, March 14, 2014 midnight PDT (Thursday night).

The host of this site is going out of business on Friday, March 14, 20141. I found out a few days ago, and have been trying to get things moved over to the new host.

However, the current host is already kind of falling apart, and I no longer have access to the list of email forwards (e.g. if messages to squid@pile.org are automatically forwarded to someone@example.com).

So if you have a pile.org email address, here’s what I need from you:

Send this in an email to sben@pile.org with a subject like “pile.org forwarding”.

I’m very sorry to have to ask this of you, but I don’t see any other way to handle this.

When pile.org transitions to its new host, any aliases I haven’t transferred over will start bouncing to their senders. If this happens to you, let me know ASAP.

  1. Here’s what is known, if you care. ↩︎