I love Thai food, but there sure are a bunch of indistinguishable Thai restaurants in Seattle. (Jamjuree, on 15th at the top of Capitol Hill, is a standout.) Well, you wouldn’t’ve thought, but there’s a great place, Uthaithani, just west of Aurora on 160th in Shoreline of all places. (Yeah, we live here, but we didn’t move here for the great restaurant scene.)

Last night we had green beans (wonderfully spiced, with perfectly-cooked mushrooms), “Uthai rama” (bok choy and pork in a nice gentle peanut sauce), and the old standby pad Thai (not much unique here, but quite competent). In the past, we’ve had great curries, and I’m going to order their “volcano chicken” next.

If you’re tired of your local Thai place, Uthaithani is worth a drive (at least if you live north of the ship canal).

[An update: Uthaithani closed sometime in the summer of 2006. It’s been replaced by … another Thai restaurant. We haven’t tried the new place enough to tell if it’s a good replacement, but we’re not optimistic.]