What Twitter accounts does Ben use?

Edited October 27, 2022: Elon Musk just bought Twitter and fired much of the executive suite, and while they probably weren’t the best possible bunch, they’re a damned sight better people than Musk can even imagine being.

I shut down my Twitter accounts, and have been microblogging on Blurt for several years now (my personal microblog and my commonplace book, the latter a replacement for the almost-as-venerable-as-my-main-Twitter-account @sben_links).

What follows is for historical interest, if any.


The basic philosophy here is that just because somebody knows me, that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to read about the articles I found to be interesting, or the video games I’m playing, or whatever.

There’s actually another consideration. I use Twitter a little idiosyncratically: I’m a timeline completist, and so don’t follow many more than 100 people (or other entities), and so a sudden change in how a person tweets can really throw off the gestalt of my timeline. (I also don’t see anybody’s retweets, but that’s for another time.) And I don’t want to do that to anybody else. So when I get a sudden idea to tweet about something different, to tweet differently, I just create a new account.

All of which is to say, here are my Twitter accounts:

My main account. What I’m up to, what the kids are up to, humblebrags about food, etc.
My second account. These are links to articles I found particularly interesting. “The Only Thing on the Internet Worth Reading.”
Originally just for tweets from Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Now a general video game account, most recently for Dwarf Fortress.
A counterpart to @sben_sworcery, which I use for tabletop games.
I stopped using Goodreads a little while back on account of my dissatisfaction with Amazon. I now tweet here when I start and finish a book, with the occasional “live-tweet” event.
I recently went through our entire music collection, alphabetically by album title. I starred my favorite albums, but they’re probably not all that interesting. It did inspire a few other people to try the same thing.
When I reread A Song of Ice and Fire in anticipation of A Dance with Dragons, I posted one tweet per chapter (though not quite in order). I’ll do the same when I reread Dance.
I’m walking across (part of) Europe, and this is where I tweet and cross-post photos.

And there may be other, secret Twitter accounts that you do not know yet.

Updated October 25, 2016 (new accounts, changes to old accounts, and a bit of philosophy), March 24, 2017 (@sben_walks), and October 27, 2022 (deleting them all).