Write Your Senators

I just read a post at A Little Pregnant, a very intelligent blog written by a woman who has dealt extensively with infertility, but also cares a lot about healthcare rights in general. She reports that Senator Bedfellow has introduced a bill that could make it possible for health insurance policies to exclude basic preventative care that is currently mandated by individual States. An excerpt from the bill as voted out of committee:

SEC. 805. (b) Nothing in this part or any provision of State law (as defined in section 514(c)(1)) shall be construed to preclude a small business health plan or a health insurance issuer offering health insurance coverage in connection with a small business health plan, from exercising its sole discretion in selecting the specific benefits and services consisting of medical care to be included as benefits under such plan or coverage… (pp. 14 - 15 of PDF, also viewable here.)

Follow the links at the bottom of the “A Little Pregnant” post to find a boilerplate letter and the mailing addresses of your senators.