For your consideration: a recipe

Here’s something you can cook one of these days.

You should already have these. (If not, your kitchen isn’t really useful.)

If you don’t have the following, go get some.

First, if you’re cooking pasta or gnocchi, heat a gallon or so of water in a big pot. If you’re cooking rice, start that instead. We’re going for a pound of pasta or gnocchi, or four servings of rice.

Next, put a little olive oil in a skillet and start heating it (medium or so). When the oil is hot, add the anchovy, and stir it around a bit until it dissolves.

Now add the onions to the skillet. Stir them around until they get soft. Put the onions (and the anchovies, not that you can distinguish them any more) aside in a bowl.

If you’re cooking pasta or gnocchi, the water should be boiling by now. Put the starch in and cook it. (Depending on what starch you’re using, it may be done before the sausages. That’s okay.)

Meanwhile, turn up the heat under the skillet a bit. Put in the sausages and brown them on each side. Add some water (or broth, if you have a bit around), then cover the sausages with spinach, then cover the whole thing. We’re steaming them.

When the sausages are cooked, the spinach should also be cooked down nicely. Pull the sausages out and cut them up. If there’s much liquid left in the skillet, turn the heat up and boil most of it off. Then put the sausages back in the skillet along with the onions. Toss them to mix the ingredients together.

Serve the starch with the sausage/spinach/onion/anchovy mix on top. Grate some parmesan on top. Enjoy!

I actually don’t know if the anchovy adds much flavor (especially if you use spicy sausage), but it sure makes the kitchen smell nice.

  1. You should have a jar of anchovies around anyway, ’cause they’re easy to store and really good. ↩︎