Work shut down the office last week, for an indefinite amount of time. School shut down at the end of day today, for “two weeks”, which really just means “we’re not sure how long, but let’s start with this”.

We’re fine here. Not sure how we’ll keep from going stir-crazy, but we’re pretty privileged, with a stable salaried job and relatively good health and the ability to afford luxuries like food delivery or whatever if it comes to it.

The malfeasance is deep, of course, and slashing the CDC’s budget was just the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to being able to know the full extent, when the historians have spelunked and written it up, ten or twenty years from now.

If you feel like you need some facts, I’ve found Ars Technica’s primer (updated daily) to be pretty good.

If you want to keep up with how we’re doing, you can follow along on my microblog.

Hope you’re all well.