2017 E5 walk

This is a journal of my walk along the E5 trail in 2017. The simplest way to read it is to start at the prologue, and continue from there via the links at the end of each page.

I’ve divided the walk into sections, purely arbitrarily. Neither the E5 nor its French GR components have any such divisions; they are here purely for my and your convenience, to help understand how the landscape changed as I walked. Many of these sections could have shifted a day or two either direction and still been useful divisions.

This journal updates daily, around 10 PM CEST (1 PM PDT), until the last entry (the epilogue) is posted on June 6.

In addition to the photos that are part of each day’s post, I’m also sharing basically the complete set of pictures I took. I’ll try to post the day’s photos later in the evening (PDT); the latest day appears on top, with the photos chronological within the day from top to bottom. They’ll be minimally labelled; looking through them will be the equivalent of looking over my shoulder as I flip through a box of photos and mutter something about each one.

If you use an RSS feed reader (such as NetNewsWire), you might want to subscribe to the journal’s feed.

posted by S. Ben Melhuish • Tuesday, April 6, 2021, updated Sunday, April 11, 2021